The issue:

Trying to connect to a raspberry pi which uses interactive SSH login (username/password) from my Ubuntu machine throws “Too many authentication failures” and dies.

Doing a verbose ssh -v showed that my ssh client was trying all available SSH keys stored in ~/.ssh/ .

The solution.

Edit the ssh config file.

nano ~/.ssh/config

Add the following entry

Host 192.168.1.x


Replace 192.168.1.x with your Raspberry Pi IP address.

AMA held on Binance_DEX telegram, 2019–11–28, 3PM UTC

Segment 1 — Questions asked by Moderator (Richie)

Before we kick in with the show, we will all love if you guys can introduce yourself and tell us a bit about NEXO as well

I guess we already did that to some extent 🙂
So, my name is Mariusz and I…

AMA held on 2019–11–04 on Binance English Telegram Group

Segment 1 — Moderator’s Questions & Project Introduction.

Hope you ladies and gents still got the juice for another AMA
So, our guest for today is none other then the Co-Founder & CEO of $ARPA, Mr. Yemu Xu

So, before we kick in, could you kindly tell us who…

Questions from Binance DEX admin @RRichie

Could you kindly tell us a bit about you and Raven Protocol?

Hey Binance DEX community! I am Sherman from Raven Protocol. We are working on decentralized and distributed AI training. Our value proposition solves a very specific problem — the speed of AI training. It typically takes about 2–3 weeks to train a 1M image…

Happy Birthday Binance #2

For me, Binance reflects where we are in blockchain space today. It is that sweet spot between the fully chaotic immature decentralized new world and the fully authoritarian dictatorship old world. Binance remains as a mentor and thought leader in the space, empowering the best of Blockchain projects and educating…

Mirror Mirage

Breathe… Empower

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